About us

Market leader chemicals-trade.com is back again!

Chemicals-Trade have lead the market in supplying high quality drugs, across Europe and worldwide. Currently the most trusted drugs vendor on both darkmarket and clearmarket. We’re involved in drug market industry since 2007, as Chemicals Trade we already made thousands of orders worldwide.

Most of our products are illegal in many countries so you should pay attention to it and be careful.

Our aim is to bring to you the highest quality, satisfying and safe drugs thru Internet. We’re constantly working on expanding our offer, so visit us often.



MDMA Crystal



Mephedrone (4-MMC)


Safe shipping

We offer tracked shipping with stealth packaging. Also we reship if package delivery failed.

Secure payments

You’re allowed to pay for your order using cryptocurrencies to provide you full anonimity and safety.

Personal data protection

Our website is secured by SSL to protect clients from data leak. We delete your personal data after shipment.